Labour win overall control of Trafford Council

By Peter Trollope at

Labour have won overall control of Trafford Council, writes Sale Today Political Reporter Thea Trollope,

The story of last night’s results in Sale, and in Ashton on Mersey was one of Labour consolidation to emerge as the party with most councillors. It was Labour’s best showing for more than a decade.

Labour leader Councillor Andrew Western, who held his Priory ward seat, said: “It is a fantastic result for us, especially the gains in Brooklands and Ashton upon Mersey.

“All the candidates did an amazing job.

“Tonight’s result show just how much the local Conservative group has lost its way.”

Labour now hold 36 seats, the Conservatives 20, the Liberal Democrats four and the Greens three.

Voters headed to the polls with an average turnout of 40.96 % in the Sale area, which was slightly higher than the average in Trafford.

The biggest story of the night was the gain of seats in Ashton on Mersey where Labour candidate Ben Hartley defeated Conservative Councillor Mike Whetton and Brooklands where Rose Thompson won to strengthen Labour hold on the council,

The victory caused a ‘painful’ political headache for the Tories, who, after a bad election in 2018, this year lost two seats to the Lib Dems – one in Timperley, the other in Village – and one to the Greens in Altrincham, as well as six to Labour.

Tory councillor Sean Anstee, who had run the town hall until last May, admitted the results were not good for his party.

“It was a very painful night overall,” he said.

 “Not just for the party as a whole, but for those dedicated and hardworking councillors who have served the community for a number of years, but lost out tonight.

“I don’t think they deserved that.”

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