Police release dash-cam footage of a car chase through Sale

By Peter Trollope at

Whilst on pro-active patrol, we encountered unwanted visitors to Sale.Despite our friendly invitation to pull over and have a little chat, the driver decided to be anti-social & failed to stop…As the driver opted for our January special – (4 punctures), we kindly obliged, stinging the vehicle allowing us to safely detain 3 suspects on board… one in possession of knife.Great work in our fight against vehicle crime. #B relief & GMPTRAFFIC

Posted by GMP Trafford South on Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Police have released footage of a car chase through the streets of Sale which resulted in three arrests.

All three were in the vehicle. One person was in possession of a knife.

Police gave chase to the car when it was challenged to stop shortly after 11 Sale.

The car was eventually brought to a halt by police using a stinging device, which punctured all four tyres in the vehicle ,