“Protect yourself, your property, your family and communities..” plea from police

By Peter Trollope at

A new Citizen’s Contract urging the public to take more responsibility in fighting crime and keeping their communities safe, was issued today by Greater Manchester Police.

In a controversial move, the seven-point contract urges the public to “protect yourself, your property, your family and communities,” as crime rates continue to soar and the need to save £67 million by 2020.

The contract calls on the public of Greater Manchester to play a larger and more active role in preventing crime.

“We need you to provide information to help tackle crime and make communities safer”.

The document points out “what we will do and what we need you to do”, to keep communities safe.

Neighbours should come together to “actively keep communities safe”.

It stresses the need for communities to tackle anti-social behaviour from youths before it escalates into more serious criminality.

A telephone box in Ashton Lane

Members of the public are urged to “make the right contact to the right agency at the right time”.

The police urge people to continue reporting criminal behaviour.

Earlier this year  GMP launched a Live Chat service for people to report incidents without having to call 999.

“We need you to provide information to help tackle crime and make communities safer”.

Police resources mean officers will now respond to reports based on a scale of priority.

The public is asked to try and “understand and trust police decision making on the use of resources”.

The police pledge to “listen to people” and use feedback to “help build stronger communities.”

People are encouraged to speak to neighbourhood police officers and give their views on community safety.

The public are asked to become more involved in their communities and “consider being a part of policing”.