Trackers fitted to cars justify their cost after stolen vehicles found by police within hours

By Barbara Metcalfe at

Two car owners have their top of the range vehicles back with them tonight because their cars were fitted with tracking devices.

Trafford South police have reported that the two vehicles were taken from the Brooklands area in the early hours of Monday morning, and were back with their owners within hours of them being stolen.

Said the report on their Facebook page:  “After just 32 minutes of the vehicles being reported as stolen, due to the vehicles being installed with tracking devices, we were able to locate the first vehicle.

“A short while after, officers were able to then locate the second stolen vehicle, again due to the fact they had a tracking device installed.”

A tracking system can cost up to £200, often with a fitting cost on top of that.  However there are some cheaper devices on the market, and there are some companies who will rent systems with monthly instalments.

GMP say they appreciate that this is an additional cost on top of road tax and MOT,  but they say, it’s something to give consideration to if drivers want to protect their vehicles.