Riders pose a real risk to public safety in the Sale and Sale Moor areas

By Peter Trollope at

Police are warning of a risk to public safety after of a sharp rise in people riding mopeds and motorcycles in the Sale and Sale Moor area without helmets and registration plates.

A GMP spokesman said;”Over recent weeks we have seen an increase in the use of motorcycles and mopeds around Sale Moor and Sale.

“The majority of people are failing to display registration plates. On most occasions, the riders are not wearing helmets or the correct safety clothing. This is causing concern for the safety of the public as well as the riders themselves. Due to the manner or of driving and the way the riders are dressed they more than likely do not have licences or insurance for their vehicles. This is causing a negative impact on the community regarding the anti-social behaviour.

“The Sale Police Neighbourhood Team is working tirelessly to tackle this problem to reduce the risk they pose to pedestrians and other law-abiding road users. Can we request if you witness these motorcycles causing anti-social behaviour please inform us

” From recent information received it is apparent many of these sightings are going unreported. Additionally, if you have any information about the riders or the location of these bikes, please assist us in taking these bikes off the streets of Trafford by calling us directly or contact Crime Stoppers.”

The police have made a direct appeal to the riders:”If you are the riders, this needs to stop now! Rest assured we will catch you and your bikes will be seized. By doing this you are committing many different types of offences which when caught you will be prosecuted.

“Anyone with information please report to 101 or use the GMP Webchat facility to report at, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit ”