Police warning about the increasing use of unregistered motorcycles and mopeds in Sale

By Peter Trollope at

Police say they are taking action against the increase in the use of motorcycles and mopeds around Sale and Sale Moor which fail to display registration plates.

“Over recent weeks we have seen an increase in the use of motorcycles & mopeds around Sale Moor and Sale which are failing to display registration plates,” said a GMP spokesman.

The Sale Neighbourhood Team is working tirelessly to tackle this problem to reduce the risk they pose to pedestrians and other law-abiding road users.  If you sight these motorcycles please inform us. From recent information received it is apparent many of these sightings are going unreported.

Any bikes seized will be destroyed by police

”Additionally, if you have any information about the riders or the location of these bikes, please assist us in taking these bikes off the streets of Trafford by calling us directly or contact Crimestoppers.’

”If you are the riders. Pack it in! Rest assured we will catch you and your bikes will be seized.”