It is in the stars for Donald Trump in Sale…

By Peter Trollope at
Forget the West Wing, or Designated Survivor,  real life is far more fascinating. Donald Trump hides behind his Twitter feed in the White House, but members of the Sale Phoenix Rising Astrology Group will get the lowdown on his inner psyche in a special night on June 13th.
President Trump was born on June 14th in 1946 and apparently has Leo and Virgo Ascendant looming in his background.  This will be discussed in a talk billed as ‘The Faces of Leo” given by Chrissy Ogilvie. She is a former astrologer for BBC Radio Cumbria and highly respected astrologer in the North West.
The Phoenix Rising group meets on the second Wednesday of each month, at The United Services Club in Sale. The meeting fee is £4 for meetings without a speaker, or for club speakers: when they have a guest speaker the fee is £5.
On their website, they say:”The  Phoenix Rising group was formed in 1995 by former students of Peg Tillott, from her evening classes in Trafford College, following Peg’s retirement from Local Authority teaching. We are open to astrologers and students at all levels, at our monthly meetings in Sale, Cheshire.
 Sale Today did some research about Leo and Virgo Ascendant in your horoscope.

“The characteristic of this sign combination is the will to project an irreproachable self-image and to display humble and withdrawn manners. Your Leo Sun defines your inner self which is marked by the sense of honour, courage, and loyalty towards a person, an ideal, as well as to yourself.

“Owing to your Virgo Ascendant, when you meet people for the first time, you are cautious and reserved as if you feared that opening up too much to the outer world might upset the balance of your life. You are fault-finding, and your eagle eye immediately spots the flaws in lines of reasoning or in people. With your analytical and provident mind, you come across as a very serious person at first glance.

” However, when people get to know you better, they understand that your Leo Sun is ready to roar, and they discover your daring and easy-going nature tinged with aristocracy.

“You lack diplomacy because neither Leo nor Virgo show leniency with human weaknesses. These two signs have in common perfectionism and incorruptibility.”

So now you know!