One Trafford promise review of open top bins in Sale parks after household rubbish dumped in them

By Barbara Metcalfe at

One Trafford is to review the open top bins which are currently in use on Sale’s park after what they say is abuse of the system because residents are using them to dump household waste.

The issue was highlighted by The Friends of Walton Park who posted a photo on their Facebook page showing the level of litter and rubbish which had been left in and around a bin near to the scout hut.

They said: “Unfortunately, overflowing litter bins in the park are still an issue – this was the state of one near the scout hut BEFORE the Easter Sunday event!

The Friends of Walton Park have made One Trafford aware that the bins in the park need emptying regularly, but in the meantime, if the bins in the park are full, please think about whether you can take your rubbish home with you whenever possible!”

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Photograph taken by The Friends of Walton Park


We shared that picture on the Sale Today Facebook and asked One Trafford to comment on the situation regarding the state of rubbish in the parks.

They said that the bins were emptied on the Tuesday following the Bank Holiday as scheduled, and their staff had found household waste there alongside general litter.

The review of open top litter bins will get underway shortly with the view to replacing them with closed top bins and also recycling bins.

A spokesperson said:” We are committed to ensure Trafford remains a clean and attractive place for everyone, but unfortunately a number of bins across the borough are being abused by residents who use them to dispose of their household waste.

“Over the Easter weekend, open top litter bins in Walton Park were filled with bags of household rubbish, with additional bags left by the side of the bins. These bins were emptied on Tuesday as scheduled and we appreciate this issue being brought to our attention.

“To help reduce this from happening in future, a review of open top litter bins in parks will shortly be undertaken with a view to replacing them with closed top bins.

“The one Trafford Partnership will also be introducing trio litter bins in a number parks in the run up to the summer holidays to help residents recycle on the go.

“Failing to make sure waste is disposed of properly is extremely irresponsible. It is frustrating for residents who value where they live and it costs the council money to remove it; money which could be better used to help protect other essential services. That is why the council will investigate and prosecute those responsible whenever evidence is available.”