Shall we dance? Unique course comes to Sale to boost self-esteem and confidence among residents

By Peter Trollope at

A combination of dance, meditation and self-help techniques are being offered to Sale residents as a six week course to improve and boost people’s confidence and overall sense of wellbeing.

Funding has been given to Dance System CIC to deliver six courses throughout the year for adults, and train dance artists and wellbeing leaders, creating a sustainable model for the company for the future.

Course members dance their troubles away

The six-week course which will take place every Thursday night at Sale High School from March 22nd.

Dance System CIC say on their Facebook page:”The sessions are for adults and are open to all, but we do target adults with mild-moderate depression and anxiety issues as well as those with physical fitness and general wellbeing goals.”

The company Dance System CIC was born from a desire to help people, especially those who suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence issues. Their director, Claire Donaldson believes that people should “work on your ‘mental wellbeing’ in everyday life as it is to work on your ‘physical wellbeing’.

‘I overcame my own issues with depression and low self-esteem through a combination of therapeutic approaches. It wasn’t just one therapy that helped me to overcome my issues it was a variety of things. I have always danced, it’s been my career for over a decade and still, I suffered from low self-esteem. I did cognitive behaviour therapy, then found meditation and through other courses that developed my self-esteem and brought a sense of wellbeing into my daily life.  I trained to be a holistic reflexologist – something that was never on my radar or anything I thought I’d ever do!

 “I co-founded Dance System CIC with Donna Marie Morris, because I wanted to be able to offer something in the community that could help people. I wanted to draw together a course that offered various therapeutic practices – designed to be uplifting, informative but also able to help people build their self-esteem and confidence and/or provide a good sense of wellbeing. I wanted it to be both physically (dance) and mentally (cognitive behaviour practices/meditation etc) stimulating.’

The Enliven Course  is on = Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm | 22nd March – 10th May (2 week Easter break)

Course cost: £30

Main Hall, Sale High School, Norris Road, Sale M33 3JR

To book call Claire on 07411 400 141 or email | @DanceSystemCIC