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Residents’ fury as they’re told there is no end in sight to traffic chaos on their doorstep

By Peter Trollope at

Angry residents say it’s only a matter of time before someone gets badly injured or dies, because of motorists are using their Sale estate at peak times as a cut through to the A56.

Despite writing to the Council and GMP warning of their concerns – they say nothing has been done and the situation is daily getting worse.

Now they have recorded video evidence and photographs to support their claims.

Emergency vehicles being delayed

“Basically for a number of years people have been cutting through using link road, Chestnut Drive, Woodheys, Avonlea and Clough to cut through to the A56.,” says Simon Burrows, who took these pictures. “The traffic starts coming through at about 7 am and runs until after 9 am Monday to Friday then from about 4 pm until 6 pm coming through the estate the other way.

“The council were aware of this and offered the residents a one-way section on link road 10 years ago which residents rejected. Now due to the changes to Park Road junction traffic queues most of the way down Woodhouse Lane every morning. As a result, more and more traffic is cutting through our estate. On a daily basis now to save time and cut queues people are either going straight over the A56 and cutting through the shops outside UKS Mobility or worse turning right from the left lane.

Traffic using the side-roads as a cut through to reach the A56

“I took pictures of this and asked the police if they could do anything on a tweet about mobile phones and general driving in November. Since then the Police have attended on a number of occasions,” says Simon who has lived in the area for the last five years. “The situation is getting worse. People are risking their lives and I fear for people living in the area. Emergency vehicles are also being delayed by the traffic queues.”

“I have spoken to GMP, Trafford Council, Local Councillors and even contacted Sean Anstee.

“So far a larger keep clear box has been painted but nothing else. I have had lots of statistics and baffling information but no straight answers. The council have said they are now looking at extending the island on the drive and stopping traffic going straight over the A56 onto Langdale Road but due to the police budget, it will be at least after April 2019 and then could still be objected to. I have offered a few solutions that the police back and a few much cheaper solutions but there is no interest from them. It seems if it is not their idea it’s not good enough. I have tried to contact Andy Burnham and Sir Graham Brady MP but neither have responded.”

Traffic using the estate as a cut through to the A56

“From my knowledge, The Drive has always been pretty bad but for many years I used to go out of the estate down the link road and join Washway Road via the lights on Woodhouse Lane. However, about 12 months or so changes were made to the lights at Park Road junction. Since then traffic has been queuing all along Washway road and most side streets that are now used as cut-throughs. Since then it has been quicker to queue for 20 minutes to get off my own street than to go round, a journey that used to take 5 minutes. ”

Simon and other residents have launched a petition demanding a by-pass which was first proposed in 1962.

Click here to view the petition.

Sale Today has asked Trafford Council to make a statement about this story. We will bring it to you as soon as the Council respond.