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Anger as feelings run deep over potholes in Sale

By Peter Trollope at

Nominations for the worst roads for potholes in the Sale Today area, are coming in.

This week we will compile a Top Ten list and send it to Trafford Council, who revealed last week there is an extra £2 million in their budget to improve road infrastructure.

Here are some of the worst roads nominated by you:-

Clare Davis  says:”Broad Road outside the Steamhouse near the bus stop.”

Robert Purcell said:”There is a nice collection of potholes at the Cherry Lane end of Firsway that have returned after previous “repairs”.”

 Richard  Owens got in touch to say Norris Road is ‘ one big pothole’.

 Lesley Pullman McLoughlin  highlights the section of Temple Road between Broad Road and Dane Road .

Greg Rowe  says Wythenshawe Road.  ‘Thought they’d sort  looked after it after tram works but no joy.”

 Emma Morgan wants us to highlight  Old Hall Road  – “It’s a nightmare heading into Sale from the M60….. “it’s an obstacle course!”

Jon Terry said:”Top 10? Basically it’s the whole of Sale. The roads are a disgrace.”