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Convoy of cars with orange ribbons will be joined by Caspar’s funeral cortege

By Peter Trollope at

The route of the convoy of cars attending Caspar Blackburn’s funeral in St John The Divine Church in Brooklands next Wednesday,  has been published.

His best friend Billy Heyes said mourners will be encouraged to dress their cars with orange ribbons as a sign of respect for the car enthusiast:”We will be meeting at Sale Waterpark Metrolink car park,  at 10 am to get the cars dressed with orange ribbon and to sort an order out for the convoy.

“Caspar’s hearse and the family car will be meeting us at the location and we will be doing a slow cruise to the church on Brooklands Road for 11 am.

St John’s The Divine Church on Brooklands Road

“All the cars will be dressed with orange ribbons on the day so if you can be on time that would be great, it will give us around an hour to set up.”

“Please share this with anyone who wants to convoy and also add people to this event that you know want to come, the more modified cars we get, the better the convoy will be!

“Dress code: Formal but bright colours allowed (preferably no black)

“Anyone who wants to be part of the convoy but doesn’t want to come to the funeral – don’t worry the route allows you to loop around and drive off. People that are staying will have to find parking nearby when the convoy is complete.”,-2.2908237/53.4071553,-2.3159255/@53.4160949,-2.3117934,14.42z/data=!4m19!4m18!1m15!3m4!1m2!1d-2.2928767!2d53.4214918!3s0x487bada3601034c5:0x5960cddda352912f!3m4!1m2!1d-2.311344!2d53.4222774!3s0x487badad5f199feb:0xdfcd43b436d86ce5!3m4!1m2!1d-2.3220758!2d53.4210023!3s0x487bac51cb621f77:0xfcb52f8a645f0f9f!1m0!3e0

“Thanks, Everyone.”

GMP have so far declined to announce their plans and advice for the inevitable traffic disruption on routes leading to Brooklands Road.