A desperate dad’s plea to help find his missing son in Sale

By Peter Trollope at

Police searching for missing Caspar Blackburn have released CCTV images of his last known movements at the Slug and Lettuce pub early on Sunday morning.

Caspar who is 22, is seen wearing a blue polo shirt and is heading out of the pub where he and his friends sat at around 2am.  His friends headed back in some  minutes later but Caspar did not join them. He stayed on the bench at the canal side but when his friends went to check on him he had gone and he hasn’t been seen since.

His distraught father Robert and grandmother Claudine today made a desperate public appeal in an effort to help find Caspar.

Caspar Blackburn hasn’t been seen since the early hours of Sunday morning

Mr Blackburn  explained how his son, who was an assistant manager at a carpet shop in Macclesfield had got ready for his night out after having his tea at home.  He said there was nothing out of the ordinary in his behaviour  and they said goodbye expecting he would be back in the middle of the night.

He said he tried to call him at about 1030 on Sunday morning because he was worried he should have been at work but assumed his was still asleep.

He thought he had stayed with friends  when they realised he was off that day and the Monday they didn’t worry.  His phone was going to voicemail and he didn’t text and by Monday morning he became very worried.

It was later in the afternoon he said when they became very concerned when friends came to the house and said they hadn’t heard from him and his car, a Nissan 350Z,  was still at his friend’s house in Park Road, Timperley.It was at the point the police became involved and searched his room and went through Caspar’s behaviour just before he went out on Saturday.

“We can’t eat or sleep. I have no appetite,” said Mr. Blackburn. “We wake up in the night and just wonder where he can be. It’s not like Caspar at at all.  He always tells us what he is doing.  He would text or call and when he stayed over it was always organised.

“He loved to work on his car.  He saved up money and paid cash for it.  He worked hard.  He hadn’t had a day off four years.  He was very ambitious…he was an assistant manager at 21.  I was really pleased how he had turned out.”

Detective Inspector Carl Gilbert,who is leading the investigation,  asked anyone who was out in Sale on Saturday night and who had taken any video or photographs to get in touch with police.

“They could have vital evidence and not know it. I am asking people to check their phones and remember what they were doing at 2 am onwards.


The last place Caspar was seen

“It may seem trivial to them but it could be vital for Caspar.

“He was last seen sitting on a bench outside the Slug and Lettuce and then the trail goes cold. Somebody must have seen Caspar sitting on the bench and move off.”

A police Underwater and Marine unit searching the Bridgewater Canal earlier today

For the third day running police have been searching around the canal and other parts of Sale hoping to find anything which could suggest Caspar’s whereabouts.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101, quoting reference MP/17/0110152 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.