Sale Civic Society presents design award to development that ‘ticks all the boxes’

By Peter Trollope at

Sale Civic Society have presented their Design Award for a development that ‘ticks all the boxes’.

The new housing  and flats development at Hazelmere on Northenden Road near to Sale Moor has been recognised for its sympathetic architecture and the way that in blends in with the rest of the existing buildings in Sale.

The Hazelmere Development of houses and flats

 Society Chairman, Rob Chilton, commented: “Whilst Sale Civic Society will sometimes protest new developments that we consider to be inappropriate, we are also keen to acknowledge new buildings that are sympathetic with their setting and in-keeping with the general architectural feel of the town.

‘We were pleased that the new development by Connell Brothers on Northenden Road ticked both these boxes, respecting the setting close to Worthington Park, and mirroring the general Edwardian architectural style of this part of Sale, without being a too-obvious pastiche. We therefore felt it appropriate, as a Society, to recognise the hard work that Connell Brothers had gone to in making this a high-quality development in a very visible corridor of Sale. We hope that other local developers will take note.”

Society Chairman Rob Chilton and Secretary, Pat Coulburn, presented the award to Partner of the firm, John Connell, at a meeting on site.