Sale – the town to leapfrog along the canal path wearing very little clothing!!!

By Helen Heath at

Manchester artist Eric Jackson has released a poster of Sale, with a cheeky modern twist.

After a 37 year career in journalism, Eric, 60,  has turned back to his love of art, selling tongue in cheek posters that take a humorous look at areas around Manchester, including Altrincham, Timperley and Urmston.

Eric is keen to poke fun at the areas where he has lived his lived,  in an affectionate way.  He sells his creations at places around Manchester including Altrincham Markt, Charlton and Hale.

Starting out as a junior reporter with the Macclesfield Advertiser, Eric went on to become arts editor, TV critic and travel editor of the Manchester Evening News. He was also a lecturer in journalism at theUniversity of Salford and Staffordshire University. To find inspiration, he takes walks around Manchester.

He said: “It had to be something to do with words because of my journalism training I spent half my life writing headlines and captions, I wanted to do the art, and incorporate something to do with words aswell. A bit like headline writing.

“I try to be witty.  I think it’s sort of unique for this area, and I wanted to be hyperlocal, because don’t think anybody’s ever done a poster of Urmston before! These are areas I know and love.”

“What’s not to like about painting pictures and making people smile?  That’s the intention.”

You can find Eric’s creations at Altrincham Market, Charlton Art Market, The Curiosity Shop, Poynton and Gift + HOME, Hale  and his website