Sale family remember Mike with a midnight walk

By Peter Trollope at

Family and friends of  Mike Walker from Sale, honoured his memory by taking part in the Manchester Midnight Walk.

 Mike Walker died from live cancer and Daughters Carrie Burke and Leah Walker and brother Ma! Dunne were among 1,000 walkers who strolled through the city centre.

, Carrie Burke, Ma Dunne and Leah Walker

Last year they had to cancel plans to undertake the 10k walk because Mike who was 66 who ran a taxi business, was poorly with cancer and a patient at St Ann’s Hospice.
Carrie said: “It wasn’t just our dad who received support and care from the hospice but the wider family as well and that meant so much to us. We’ve raised almost £5,000 for the charity since he died last year and know how much the hospice relies on donations to keep on running”