Prime Minister calls for early General Election on June 8th

By Barbara Metcalfe at

The Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May MP has called for a General Election for June 8th.  

She made the announcement at 11.15pm this morning outside Number 10 Downing Street.

She said a victory in the Election would strengthen the country’s bargaining power in Brexit negotiations with potential new partners.

She challenged the opposing parties to support the Government and let the people decide on who should lead the country as it prepares to leave the European Union…..

Mrs May asked that they vote for the election in the House of Commons tomorrow when she tries to overrule existing legislation which says the next General Election should be held in 2020.

The election will take place before the results of a review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries, as announced in September.

Altrincham and Sale West MP Graham Brady

The Boundary Commission’s proposals would see the Altrincham and Sale West constituency replaced by a new Altrincham and Tatton Park seat.

It’s all part of plans to reduce the number of parliamentary constituencies by 50 to 600.

But with those plans not going forward for ratification until October 2018, the constituency will remain Altrincham and Sale West for June 8th.

Conservative candidate Graham Brady retained Altrincham and Sale West seat in 2015 with an increased majority of 13,290.

Brady, who has been MP in the constituency since 1997, polled 26,771 votes, 53% of the vote and up 4% of his performance in 2010.