Dreams do come true – first picture of Chris as he reaches the North Pole

By Peter Trollope at

Greetings from 90 degrees North – that’s the North Pole to you and me.  We present proof that Chris Harrop from Sale,finally made it to the frozen wasteland, and made a dream come true.

Chris  suffers from incurable blood cancer, but against all the odds, he has fought back to carry out a fund-raising expedition and to raise awareness of leukaemia, to reach the Pole, where  temperatures are a cool -45 degrees.

Chris makes it to the North Pole

Chris, 49,who lives in Atkinson Road in Sale,  has to take chemotherapy tablets every day.

His wife Joanne, received the news earlier by satellite phone. Chris rang to say he had reached the North Pole, after flying in to the Barneo Ice Camp just a few kilometres away from the North Pole.

Joanne told Sale Today:”Just had a very short and excited call from 90 degrees north!    That was the signal to say that he  made it.”

Chris vowed to take a photograph at the North Pole for Sale Today..

Joanne said:”We would like to thank all those who have made it possible for their support.  It is a remarkable achievement. I am so proud of him.”

Chris says its all down to Joanne’s intuition that he’s alive today

He said to Sale Today earlier: ”Its an obsession of mine  I guess, I have always been fascinated by the North Pole. And to think it is possible to spend a night there under canvas – well words fail me-  to describe the feeling,” said Chris.

His cancer was spotted two years ago when Chris went for a health check up.  He was originally  planning an overland trek by skis to the North Pole, but that had to be cancelled on doctors orders.

He remembers the day when he was told  the news that he had got cancer.  “You can imagine my shock. It was devastating news, especially when the doctor told me that it was incurable.  It was my wife – Joanne – who suggested the health check up – I guess she sensed something was wrong.  But without her intervention I would not be here today.

”I received treatment and still have to take chemotherapy drugs every day – but I’m still here, and every day is a bonus.

” I was not going to let the leukaemia win. I was going to beat it.  But all my plans for the trip had to be scrapped.  But I vowed to get to the North Pole one day.

Now after a two year wait  the dream has come true for Chris.

‘I am doing it now to raise funds for Leukaemia CARE and to make people aware of the disease and to say to them that anything is possible if you have the belief and will to fight. Chris has so far  raised  £5200 funds for the charity.

“My wife Joanne has been incredible – she has been supporting me all the way, but she can’t be with me at the Pole, but without her help, encouragement and love – I would not be going, “said Chris.

He has launched a Just Giving page to raise funds for Leukaemia CARE and awareness  of the disease.   You can find out more at:-

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