Keep on running….as the Greater Manchester Marathon comes to town this Sunday

By Peter Trollope at

Expect widespread  disruption to the roads in Sale and Ashton on Mersey and Brooklands this Sunday as many will be temporarily closed for the Greater Manchester Marathon.

The route of the Greater Manchester Marathon this Sunday

All traffic will have to find alternative routes and the event itself is likely to make public transport busier than usual.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is providing help and advice to keep people moving on the day and minimise the impact on travel plans.

Advice for journeys is:

• Plan ahead if you are travelling on that day.

• Avoid driving into or near the area if at all possible.

• Tram, train and walking will be the best way to watch the event.

• Expect tram and train services to be busier than usual.

 Further details at TfGM’s dedicated travel advice webpage: