Sale Moor residents tell their Village story on the worldwide web

By Peter Trollope at

A community group have produced a video stating their aims for the future of Sale Moor Village.

The thriving – We Are Sale Moor Group – are hoping to establish stronger bonds within the village among residents and businesses, following their success with the Christmas lights crowd-funding campaign, and the alternative schemes for the Warrener Road car park site.


Make Sale Moor Sparkle really paid off after thousands of pounds was raised for Christmas decorations

”This is a close knit community who all care for their future, and how to achieve it.  We have shown our collective strength this year, and will not be deterred. We want to be a safe, and caring community that celebrates independent businesses and welcomes people to the Village,” said Christine Houlding for the We Are Sale Moor Group.

Many shopkeepers, members of the community and businesses all have their say in the video,  made by John Forrest free of charge, which has also been released on Facebook and Twitter.