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Tired of waiting on your weekly green bags? Soon a year’s supply will be delivered to your door!

By Barbara Metcalfe at

The green compostable bags which householders in  Trafford use to collect their food waste have been noticeable by their absence lately. Where normally residents can tie a bag to the green bin to notify the bin operatives they need a new roll, none have been forthcoming with no obvious explanation as to why.

Soon though we will be inundated with green bags as the One Trafford Partnership is in the process of delivering a year’s supply of  bags with deliveries expected to be completed by Christmas.

According to the council website that process was due to start in November but some areas haven’t had their bags delivered for over three weeks or more and some residents are buying their own rather than use ordinary plastic bags and liners which are less compostable.

A spokeswoman for Trafford said:”The annual supply is based on a household using three bags per week (156 bags per roll), but if this is not sufficient additional bags will still be provided free of charge.

“The decision to provide an annual supply of compostable caddy liners was taken following a review of the existing distribution method, where the collection crews left a new roll when bags were tied to bins.  The review identified a number of issues with the existing process including:

*collection crews not having sufficient storage on the collection vehicle to carry enough bags for all residents who requested the

*bags which were left by crews on the top of the bin but then removed by someone before the resident was able to retrieve them

*Abuse of the bags; residents  using them for purposes for which they were not intended e.g. dog poo bags and even sandwich bags”

One Trafford say any resident needing additional bags should contact them and request the bags which will then be delivered directly to them.  Residents should either contact them online via or by phone 03330 035 865.