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Christmas lights to shine again in Sale Moor after sparkling response to community appeal

By Peter Trollope at

Christmas lights will shine again in Sale Moor this Yuletide after a brilliant response to a community appeal.

Last year Sale Moor centre was plunged into darkness after funding for the traditional lights was withdrawn. ”It was hard to find the Christmas spirit last year. We vowed to bring it back, and we are absolutely delighted to say we now have the means to do it,” said Christine Houlding, of We Are Sale Moor action group.

Give Sale Moor an Extra Sparkle this Christmas was the theme of a crowd funding appeal in the last few weeks.  ”The response has been amazing from the community. We now have enough funds to pay for some lights, but we are still running the appeal, because the more that we can raise, the more lights we can put on show. That means things like floodlighting and Christmas Trees above the shops,”said Christine.

Some of the We Are Sale Moor team :-Laura Jones, Andrea Law, Charlotte Bradshaw, Christine Houlding, Anna Bond, Heather Bradshaw of We Are Sale Moor

Some of the We Are Sale Moor team :-Laura Jones, Andrea Law, Charlotte Bradshaw, Christine Houlding, Anna Bond, Heather Bradshaw

“To contribute please go to: – we  also have collection buckets in Sale Moor Village shops,” said Christine.

The Village has been rocked in the last six months over  plans to develop the Warrener Street car park for a supermarket. ”Its been a shadow hanging over the whole community, but at last we can see a way forward and we are having significant discussions with the Council.

“Sale Moor is a vibrant community, and the people here love their village and its shops. It seemed a lonely Christmas last year, but now having the lights back will be the very best of presents for all of us.”

The Christmas Lights will be switched-on on Sunday November 20th. “We are looking for a celebrity guest to switch the lights on. Any thoughts on who it should be will be welcome.

“If you would like to find out more about how you can support our Christmas activities and fundraising, please contact or visit our website here: for further contact details.”

”We Are Sale Moor are happy to have the support of Trafford Council in helping us to promote this fundraising and giving local residents the opportunity to take control of our Christmas lights. The overall Give It For Trafford (GIFT) Christmas campaign provides links so that you can make donations through us, knowing that your money will be helping support our local shopping area and is something that everyone can participate in.”