Cone-free – the A56 roadworks are finally finished a week ahead of schedule

By Barbara Metcalfe at

Commuters returning to work after their holidays today found at least one piece of good news to cheer them up… the roadworks on the A56  have finally finished.

In what is a sight for sore eyes, the road near the Toyota garage is clear of cones and barriers.  Photographs taken this weekend show a completely empty road, something frustrated drivers caught up in the jams over the last couple of months could only dream about.

Cone free for the first time in months the roadworks finished a week ahead of schedule

Cone-free for the first time in months, the roadworks finished a week ahead of schedule

Amey PLC who was carrying out the work this morning confirmed what drivers were discovering themselves.  The  roadworks were declared complete yesterday although there is still work outstanding on the pavements.

Amey says the surfacing work on the pavements is now their priority but they promised there would be no further interruptions to traffic flow.

Sale Today readers who commented on our Facebook page were furious at the length of time the works have taken.  One said on some days it had taken him 20 minutes just to get out of his road and on to the A56 at peak times.

Others complained that they had not seen anyone working at the site for lengthy periods of time in the six months it has taken to complete.

The final phase of the works started in July when it was estimated they would finish by the end of this month.

The controversial project has caused traffic chaos close to the junction with Park Road for many months, especially after the introduction of a one-lane system back in March.

And police are still investigating whether the roadworks had anything to do with the tragic collision that cost the life of 25-year-old Helena Thurm earlier in the summer.

Sale Today has asked Amey to comment on the length of time is has taken to finish and also on those claims that worked seemed to stop for periods of time during the process.

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