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Residents in Carrington and Partington told to close windows and doors after fire at paper mill

By Barbara Metcalfe at

Residents are being told to keep their windows and closed while eight fire crews continue to tackle the blaze at the Saica Paper Mill, near Carrington. Crews using thermal imaging cameras to help them find the seat of the fire and anticipate where flames will go next.

The fire started at about four o’clock this afternoon and quickly spread to bales of recycled paper at the Plant on Manchester Road.  The Mill has more than 400  tonnes of paper on siteIn the last half hour Greater Manchester Fire bridge

In the last two hours the GM Fire brigade said that they were getting the blaze under control, but  warned residents to close their windows and doors.

Pictures: GMFire and Rescue Service

Firefighters assess the situation among the bales of paper

One officer said:We would advise all local residents to keep their windows and doors shut while we tackle the incident and where possible try to avoid the area.”Firefighters are using hose reel jets, monitors, thermal imaging cameras and fork lift trucks to navigate their way around the fire.”

Image 2

“Two aerial appliances are in attendance and eight engines overall are involved in the operation.”

Video shows the damage caused at the paper mill fire off Manchester Road near Carrington and Partington.

Pictures and video courtesy of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service