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Trafford Council denies that Sale Town Centre is being ignored

By Peter Trollope at

Trafford Council has rejected criticisms that it’s not doing enough to improve Sale Town Centre.

Critics have pointed out the Council seems to be intent to invest in Altrincham and Stretford town centres, at the expense of Sale.

But in a statement to Sale Today a spokesman for Trafford Council they were “committed to investing in and improving its town centres so they benefit residents, businesses and visitors.”

Over the past 3 years, the Council has invested nearly £2.4 million in improvement schemes across all of its town centres.  This has helped to support over £40 million of investment.

The statement went on to say:” Last year saw a range of environmental improvements carried out along School Road in Sale. This circa £100,000 investment, saw access improved with new paving, planters refurbished, new benches and litter bins, all lending an added splash of colour to the area, giving the town an economic boost.

Sale town centre

Sale town centre has added “a splash of colour” in the past year

“This work has been welcomed throughout the town and is seen as having a hugely beneficial impact on the look and feel of the area.”

Trafford Council’s Deputy Chief Executive, Helen Jones, said: “Clearly each of our town centres has its own needs and we have worked hard to ensure that, with the limited resources at our disposal, funding is allocated appropriately to meet specific needs.

“Altrincham town centre has benefited from not only Council and central government funding, but more significantly, private sector investment and focus.

“Stretford, in the North of the Borough, is a Council priority area. Its needs have been identified within the Stretford Town Centre Masterplan and it is currently benefiting from a significant regeneration project. This will maximise the benefits from public and private sector investment and attract developers and investors to the area.”

“The Sale Town Centre Team is developing the strategic priorities for Sale town centre, which will include identifying key opportunities for bringing forward development, as well as supporting new and existing businesses.

“The team will also seek to secure funding, if and when opportunities become available, to bring forward further environmental improvements and work with investors to bring forward larger scale developments that will enhance and improve the long term sustainability of the town centre,”

The Council’s commitment to its town centres extends beyond individual schemes. One key incentive, is its interest-free loans scheme. This is for businesses looking to take vacant units in the town centres, including Sale. To date the scheme has supported 23 new businesses.