Parents demand a safer speed limit for their school after child knocked down

By Peter Trollope at

Angry parents are urging steps to make the road safer outside Park Road School in Ashton on Mersey following an accident involving a child.

They claim a lack of action by Trafford Council has led them to launch a petition calling for a 20mph speed limit, traffic calming measures, parking restrictions and better warning signs around the area of the school.

“A child was knocked over last September outside the primary school. Park Road is regularly used as a ‘rat run’ by drivers wanting to avoid the congested Washway Road.

“Unless something is done, this is a dangerous or fatal accident waiting to happen.  So far Trafford Council have done nothing to improve road safety of Park Road. The current warning signs are woefully inadequate and overgrown with trees,” say the parents in their online petition.  The school has expanded its intake recently with more children needing to get to the school safely.

Parents want a 20mph speed limit

Parents want a 20mph speed limit

Parents say they’re run out of patience with the Council. “They will not even consider inexpensive measures like high visibility warning signs.  At speeds in excess of 30mph a child will be lucky to survive a collision.  At below 20mph, they would have good chance of survival.

“The council set the speed limits and can do something.  They can reduce the speed limit to 20mph.  Many primary schools and residential streets across Trafford benefit from 20mph zones.   Over half of the 40 largest urban authorities have adopted 20mph as the default speed limit for residential streets – including Manchester and Liverpool.